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Air Conditioning
For those homes without an automatic control system, the dial should be set to automatic cool (or heat) with the slide switch set at the desired temperature. 75 – 80 degrees should be comfortable for you.  Air conditioning only works effectively when all the doors and windows are fully closed.  The unit should not be set below 72 degrees as this may cause the system to freeze and prevent the unit from being effective.  In the event that you should freeze the unit, you will be charged a “call-out” fee. 
Beach Towels
Most homes are not provided with beach towels and we ask that you respectfully not take towels from the home to the beach.
Ceiling Fan
Some homes are equipped with ceiling fans. The main switch will be on the wall just inside the door to the room. The actual fan and /or light may also need switching on from any chain hanging from the fan. Fans have three speeds and an off position. Some of the fans have remote controls and the control is clearly marked.
Alarm System
If your vacation home is fitted with an alarm, please read the instructions below. Entering the home – When you open the front door, you will hear a warning beep from the alarm control box. This tells you the system is active. Locate the control box; open the flap to expose the keypad. Key in the code. If you key in the wrong code, the display will show ‘invalid access code’. Key in the correct code and the system will   disarm. Leaving the home – Ensure all doors and windows are closed. A green ‘ready’ light  will  then show on the control box. If the green light  does not show, then a door or window is   open. To arm the system, key in the code and exit the property immediately. Don’t forget to lock the door behind you. You usually  have  45 seconds  to depart the home after the alarm  is  set. If you enter an incorrect code, you will hear a two second beep. Press the # key and enter the correct  code. When the correct code is entered, you will hear several rapid beeps and the ‘armed’ light  will appear.
When leaving the home, it is best to close all blinds to help keep the home as cool as possible. When opening vertical blinds, please remember to first adjust the vanes to the open position with the metal cord before pulling across the windows or patio doors. If you try to pull back the blinds without opening the vanes, you may break the chain or snap the cord.
Please use only the detergent for an automatic dishwasher in this unit. DO NOT use liquid detergent that is for hand washing dishes.
Banks are usually open from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. They are closed on Saturdays & Sundays and public holidays. Most all  banks  have  cash dispensers (ATM’s) and you can get a cash advance with your credit card  and pin number. If you do not have your pin number, most banks accept credit cards for cash    advances, but require authorization from your bank in your country and may charge a fee for this service. In the unfortunate event you should lose or have your credit cards stolen, please call one of the numbers listed below: Visa                                 1-800-336-8472 Master Card                1-800-826-2181 American Express     1-800-992-3404
It would be greatly appreciated if you would inform the management company of any breakages or damages that may happen during your stay. This includes stains, tears or burns. We realize accidents do happen and some things can be taken care of immediately without having to deduct charges from your security deposit.
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